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Form Element Plugins to extend types of fields available in
Form Builder
Form Element Plugins to extend types of fields available in Form Builder

Abstract Classes


// Variables
private Map<String, Object> properties;

// Abstract and Interface Methods
public String getName();

public String getDescription();

public String getVersion();

public String getLabel();

public String getClassName();

public String getPropertyOptions();

public String renderTemplate(FormData formData, Map dataModel);

// Available Methods
public Map<String, Object> getProperties();

public void setProperties(Map<String, Object> properties);

public Object getProperty(String property);

public String getPropertyString(String property);

public void setProperty(String property, Object value);

public FormLoadBinder getLoadBinder();

public void setLoadBinder(FormLoadBinder loadBinder);

public FormLoadBinder getOptionsBinder();

public void setOptionsBinder(FormLoadBinder optionsBinder);

public FormStoreBinder getStoreBinder();

public void setStoreBinder(FormStoreBinder storeBinder);

public FormValidator getValidator();

public void setValidator(FormValidator validator);

public Collection<Element> getChildren();

public void setChildren(Collection<Element> children);

public Element getParent();

public void setParent(Element parent);

public String getCustomParameterName();

public String getPrimaryKeyValue(FormData formData);

public Boolean hasError(FormData formData);

// Available Methods for overridepublic FormData formatDataForValidation(FormData formData);
public Boolean selfValidate(FormData formData);

public FormRowSet formatData(FormData formData);

public boolean continueValidation(FormData formData);

public Collection<String> getDynamicFieldNames();

public Boolean isAuthorize(FormData formData);

Interface Classes


- To list the Form Element plugin in Form Builder

// Interface Methods
public String getFormBuilderCategory();

public int getFormBuilderPosition();

public String getFormBuilderIcon();

Sample Plugin

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