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A simple Form Options Binder plugin example for loading the month list for a DDL.

public class OptionBinder extends FormOptionsBinder implements FormLoadBinder {

 public String getName() {
        // your plugin name
    	return "Simple Form Option Binder";

    public String getVersion() {
     // Here you can add version for your plugin    
	return "1.0.0";

 @Override    public String getLabel() {
    	return "Add Your Label";
    public String getDescription() {
    	// Here you can add description for you plugin
    	return "Simple FormOptionBinder plugin used for loading Months";

  public String getPropertyOptions() {
   // if you not wishing to change the default property options just use
   // else you can refer to Git hub for how to set proprtyOptions
     return super.getPropertyOptions();

 public FormRowSet load(Element arg0, String arg1, FormData arg2) {
    	FormRowSet monthRowSet = new FormRowSet();
        FormRow month = null;
         // This example is sample for Loading the months
        String []months = new DateFormatSymbols().getMonths();
	for(int i = 0;i<months.length;i++){
		FormRow month = new FormRow();
		month.put(FormUtil.PROPERTY_LABEL, months[i]);
		month.put(FormUtil.PROPERTY_VALUE, i+1);
    	return monthRowSet;

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