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There are several ways to set up your user reporting structure in Joget. However, most of what this material covers revolves around Organizations and Departments. Custom configurations and plugin details can be found in the Plugins section.

Head of Department

Knowing that users belong to departments and that departments have their inherent hierarchical structure makes it understood how big a part the Head of Department (HOD) role plays in the setup of your chain of reporting. Each department can be assigned one HOD and the HOD will play a prominent role in process participants' assignments.

To assign a user to the HOD role, you can either access the specific user account and select HOD as true, or you can access the department page (Setup Users > Setup Organization Chart > click on an organization > click on a department) and create your assignment there.

Individual Reporting Structure

In addition to HOD, you can also set a direct superior/supervisor to a specific user. To do this, access the user account (Setup Users > Setup Users > click on a user > click on Assign Report To). Once there, a popup window should appear allowing you to filter users by Departments and Grades. Note that the listing that appears is specifically limited to the data within the organization of the selected user.

Once you have determined the correct user, select it from the list and then click on the Assign Report To button at the bottom of the popup.

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