1. Joget Workflow apps can range from a simple database-driven app, to a complex approval process, or even a full-fledged solution (e.g. CRM) which incorporates workflow, data management and reporting.

2. The App Center is the default landing page in Joget v4 which displays a grid of published apps. To access the App Center, use a web browser to access the Joget server at http://localhost:8080/jw (Replace localhost and 8080 with the appropriate server host and port if necessary)

3. Click on the Login link on the top right to login as a user. Each user may have access to different apps depending on permissions.

Some sample logins are provided in a standard installation as follows:

Username: admin
Password: admin

Normal User (Employee):
Username: cat
Password: password

Normal User (Manager):
Username: clark
Password: password

4. Use the search box to quickly find an app. For example, type claim to look for the sample HR Expenses Claim App

5. Clicking on the app icon will launch that app in a separate browser window.

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