SLA Report provides you with high-level reports on the performance of processes where an SLA is implemented.

Before such report can be generated, one must first enable the Process Data Collector at each intended Joget App. Please see Enabling Data Collection for SLA Implementation.

In the sample process below, the SLA is configured as follows:



Leave Application Process (Process)

4 minutes

Apply Leave (Activity)

2 minutes

Approve Leave (Activity)

2 minutes

Figure 1: Sample Process Design

The sample report below shows aggregated/compiled figures for the process/activities.

Figure 2: SLA Report - Process View

Process Name - Name of the process where an SLA is implemented
Min Delay (seconds) - The shortest delay (in seconds) for overdue processes/activities
Max Delay (seconds) - The longest delay (in seconds) for overdue processes/activities 
Ratio On Time - Percentage of processes completed within the SLA
Ratio With Delay - Percentage of overdue processes
Service Level Monitor: SLA Indicator based on the given ratio 

Note: Ratio on time + Ratio with delay = 100

SLA report is also available for activity levels.

In the example above, we can tell that 50% of process instances in the sample Leave Application are completed on time and the remaining 50% are not. For instances where there is a delay, the longest is 248 seconds and the shortest is 200 seconds.

Figure 3: SLA Report - Activity View

The example above shows that only half of Apply Leave activities are completed on time, while all Approve Leave activities are completed on time.