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The SOAP Tool allows one to invoke webservice for integration purpose to return useful information from external sources into the process instance.

Figure 1: SOAP Tool Properties - Configure SOAP Tool

Define the webservice properties, credential information and parameters. Define the parameters' values in the same sequence of the operation parameter order.

Figure 2: SOAP Tool Properties - Store to Form

Define on how to treat returned data to form.

Figure 3: SOAP Tool Properties - Store to Workflow Variable

Define on how to treat returned data to workflow variable.

Figure 4: SOAP Tool Properties - Advanced

Enable the Debug Mode to for troubleshooting purpose. In the server's console, one will see the returned formatted data as the following.

INFO  07 Jun 2013 10:54:37 SoapTool  - <ns1:GetGeoIPResult xmlns:ns1=""><ns1:ReturnCode>1</ns1:ReturnCode><ns1:IP></
ns1:IP><ns1:ReturnCodeDetails>Success</ns1:ReturnCodeDetails><ns1:CountryName>United States</ns1:CountryName><ns1:CountryCode>USA</ns1:CountryCode></n
INFO  07 Jun 2013 10:54:37 SoapTool  - {"GetGeoIPResult":{"CountryName":"United States","ReturnCodeDetails":"Success","ReturnCode":"1","IP":"",

In the example above, we are making a webservice call to, calling the method GetGeoIP.

Below is a sample app to make a webservice call to 

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