Session Management

Joget has 2 types of session timeouts. They are:-

  • Soft timeout
  • Hard session timeout

Soft Timeout

Joget's session manager implementations are set to a 30 minute session timeout after which the user will be logged out due to the inactivity. 

Go to System Settings > Directory Manager Settings > Configure Plugin (Security Enhanced Directory Manager)

"Allow Session Timeout" is checked by default.

To change the timeout period, open web.xml in apache-tomcat-6.0.18\conf\ directory and change the tome period in Session timeout tag




Using the default Directory Manager:
1. While the browser window is still open, the session will be kept alive regardless of the web.xml session-timeout setting. This is based on the assumption that the user is still doing long running work in the browser (e.g. building a form, etc), so the user isn't logged out unnecessarily.
2. If the browser window is not open, then the session will time out according to the session-timeout setting.

Using the Security Enhanced Directory Manager:
1. If the Allow Session Timeout (Inactivity Timeout) is unchecked, then the behavior is similar to the default Directory Manager.
2. If the Allow Session Timeout (Inactivity Timeout) is checked, then the session will time out following the session-timeout setting regardless of whether the browser window is open or not.

Hard Session Timeout

Hard session Timeout makes a user log out irrelevant to the activity

It is set to 8 hours in the plugin and can be changed.  

Go to System Settings>Directory Manager Settings>Configure Plugin(Security Enhanced Directory Manager)

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