User Notification keeps users informed of new tasks, and User Notification being implemented at application level allows for greater customization of the notification content.  A one-time setup process, this plugin will be called every time a new task is created.

Video Tutorial on User Notification

You will need to specify the email server settings first, like in our example below.

Then, you will need to customize the email content. Remember to keep the email message generic as it will be used by all process activities in the application.

In the third tab, you will be able to customize the task link found in the email message so that it* points to the relevant userview* for users to execute assigned tasks.

Let us say, for instance, that you have created a userview with an Inbox element in the following path:-


In the URL attribute, you will need to key in the following:


In the Parameter Name attribute, key in "activityId" and choose "As URL Request Parameter" for the Parameter Passover Method attribute.

The resulting link will be:


You are basically done with the setup.

In the next tab, you will be given an option to exclude activities from sending out the notification email.  In our example case, for instance, we would want to exclude "Leave Application Process - Submit" activity because the user who started the process will be able to see the activity, anyway.  Thus, there is no need for the system to send out the notification email.

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