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Userview Theme Plugins are used for changing the UI design of userview.

Abstract Classes 


// Variables
private Map<String, Object> properties;
private Userview userview;

// Abstract and Interface Methods
public String getName();

public String getDescription();

public String getVersion();

public String getLabel();

public String getClassName();

public String getPropertyOptions();

public String getCss();

public String getJavascript();

public String getHeader();

public String getFooter();

public String getPageTop();

public String getPageBottom();

public String getBeforeContent();

// Available Methods
public Map<String, Object> getProperties();

public void setProperties(Map<String, Object> properties);

public Object getProperty(String property);

public String getPropertyString(String property);

public void setProperty(String property, Object value);

public Userview getUserview();

Sample Plugin

Coming soon.

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