Joget DX Beta Available for Download

Check out Joget DX, the next generation successor to Joget Workflow for faster, simpler digital transformation.

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As an application platform, Joget Workflow v4 is a notable enhancement on previous versions. There is much greater emphasis on usability, mobility and security. This document details the steps and compatibility issues to consider when upgrading from Joget Workflow v3. The following is a summary of what's new:

App Platform:

  • App Center
  • App Generator (EE)

Usability and User Experience:

  • Admin Bar
  • Front-end Design Mode


  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android (In Future Roadmap)

Security Hardening:

  • Platform and API Hardening
  • Secure by Default Policies

Security Enhancements (EE):

  • Password Policies
    • Password format
    • Initial password method
    • Validity period
    • Reuse policy
    • Timeout management
    • Lockout mechanism
  • Password Storage
    • Enhanced password encryption
  • Credentials Management
    • Password creation
    • Changing password
    • Forgot password feature
  • Support for Simultaneous Internal and External Directory Managers

More details are available at Joget v4 Overview
NOTE: (EE) denotes enterprise features available in the Enterprise Edition Only

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