There are many classes of information in any given web application, so it is important to understand what qualifies as a workflow variable. In Joget, Workflow Variables typically represent data elements that need to be represented as a whole across the entire process. They are generally used to aid conditions and decisions within your process, and they are not specific to any single activity.  For instance, in our sample Leave Application process, the requestor will have to provide information (i.e., date of application, duration of leave, reason, etc.) when applying for leave. While those are data that need to be stored, they aren't necessarily workflow variables since they apply only to that one form and don't really aid in determining the flow of information in our process.

On the other hand, when the supervisor decides to accept/reject a leave application, the course of process flow is altered, causing activities to be launched and decisions to be activated. Thus, in our sample process, the variable "supervisorApproval" will have to be a workflow variable.

To create a workflow variable:

1. Right-click on your process in the process tree on the left, then select Properties.

2. Under the workflow variables tab in the resulting dialog box, click on the Create New Element icon.

3. Create a new workflow variable called "supervisorApproval".

Your workflow variable list will be displayed in the Properties window. Double-clicking on an item will allow you to modify it. 

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