The Date Formatter allows you to transform existing date to another date format.

Figure 1: Date Formatter Properties

Data Date Format

In Java date format. e.g., yyyy-MM-dd for 2011-06-01
Please see simpleDateFormat for list of formats.

Display Date Format

In Java date format.

e.g., dd/MM/yyyy for 01/06/2001

Sample Usage

In this example, we will format the column "Date Created" (dateCreated in database table) to another date format in Datalist Builder.

Figure 2: SQL client view on data table

The Data Date Format that we should set should be based on preview from the Datalist Builder itself.

In Joget Workflow v5, it may be subjected to the system locale and date format attributes set in the System Settings. (Please see General Settings - Server Locale and Time Zone for more information)

Figure 3: Datalist Builder list view without Date Formatter

In this example, the Data Date Format would be "dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm aa".

Figure 4: Date Formatter properties

Figure 5: Datalist Builder list view with Date Formatter enabled on Date Created column

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