Form Userview Element allows one to directly enter/view Form data without being part of a process flow.

Figure 1: Screenshot highlighting a Form in a Userview

Figure 2: Form Properties

Custom ID

Item link slug. Optional field.

Unique field

Value defined here must be unique to the rest of the Userview Menus as the first matching name will be called upon.

Menu label. Mandatory field.
Target form to load. Mandatory field.
Show in popup dialog?
If checked, user will be presented in a popup dialog.
All the fields in the target form will be rendered as read only when checked.
Display field as Label when readonly?
Fields set to read only will be rendered as label/text instead of being bounded in its original input element.

Figure 3: Form Properties - Redirection

Message Shown After Form Submission
Message Shown After Form Submission.
URL Redirect After Form Submission
URL Redirect After Form Submission.
URL Redirect on Cancellation
URL Redirect on Cancellation.


When this value is set, the Cancel button will appear at the bottom of the form.

Redirect Target on Cancellation
  • Top Window
  • Current Window
Field Name For URL Redirect Value Passover
Field id from the preceding form to retrieve the value from.

Field Value Passover Method

  • Append to URL
  • As URL Request Parameter
Request Parameter Name
Parameter name to hold the value retrieved using "Field Name For URL Redirect Value Passover"

Figure 4: Form Properties - UI

Submit Button Label

Submit Button Label.

Default Value: Save

Cancel Button Label
Cancel Button Label.
Default Value: Cancel


The Cancel button will only appear when "URL Redirect on Cancellation" is set.

Custom Header
Custom Header in HTML.
Custom Footer
Custom Footer in HTML.

Figure 5: Form Properties - Advanced

Userview Key Name

When set to point to a corresponding form input name, the userview key value will be set into the particular field.


Userview Key Value: hello

Userview Key Name: expenses_detail_hr_expense_new_title

Load Data Using Userview Key?
When checked, record row will be loaded into the form using the userview key value. The "Userview Key Name" expected is "id" to facilitate record seeking using the primary key.
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