Figure 1: System Settings - Manage Messages

In this section, one can manage and override the system's message.

Most of the message bundle files can be located in

Excerpt of

You may add in new message or override existing message key value by clicking on Add Message.

You can also Import PO File from Joget's translate site at

How to Import Translated Messages Into Joget Workflow

Let's take the Korean language as an example. After downloading the .po files, follow these steps to import the translated messages:

  1. Navigate to System Settings > Manage Messages.
  2. Click on the "Import PO File" button.
  3. Browse through for the .po file that you downloaded, then upload it.
  4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the rest of the .po files.

To enable the Korean language display, navigate to System Settings > System Setup, look for the System Locale option, then select the relevant locale which, for this example, is ko. Click on the "Submit" button; the selected locale (language) will take immediate effect.

For other languages, please refer to the corresponding locale as written above.

Setting the locale on the fly

Setting the locale on-the-fly

You may append the parameter named "_lang" to override the current locale that you are seeing. For example, you can set the locale to Chinese by setting "_lang=zh_CN".

To reset, simply set the parameter "_lang" value to empty.



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