The mobile edition allows one to access application created on Joget seamlessly on mobile devices. When accessing a Joget app from a mobile web browser (smartphone or tablet), the user will automatically be shown the mobile edition.

The mobile Userview is presented in a mobile user experience which includes the look and feel, page transitions, some offline capabilities, etc.

Improvement over Joget Workflow v4

All form elements will now render in mobile friendly version.

Figure 1: The "App Center" lists down all published App accessible by current logged in user.

Users would be able to access the same set of Apps available on desktop in mobile view as well.

The same Joget App designed would be transformed into mobile-friendly view without the need of re-designing everything meant for mobile again.

Figure 2: HR Expenses Claim App in mobile view.

Userview in Joget App will be presented in mobile-friendly view.

Figure 3: HR Expenses Claim App - Adding a new claim

Forms designed using Joget Form Builder will be presented in mobile-friendly view.

Figure 4: HR Expenses Claim App - Listing of records

Datalist designed using Joget Datalist Builder will also be presented in mobile-friendly view.

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