Options Filter allows one to search base on a set of populated options. One can search through the options through several mechanisms (See Display Type in the properties).

Figure 1: Screenshot showing Options filter in a Datalist

Figure 2: Screenshot showing Options filter in a Datalist Builder

Figure 3: Filter Properties with Options filter selected

NameColumn name (for reference only)
URL Request ParameterURL Request Parameter (for reference only)
LabelSearch filter label
  • Date
  • Date Range
  • Options
  • Text Field

Figure 4: Filter Properties - Configure Options Filter

Display Type

Define on how the filter should be presented to the users.

  • Auto Complete
  • Multi Select Box
  • Select Box
  • Text Field
Size (Multi Select Box)Control the height of filter when Display Type is set to Multi Select Box.
Default ValueDefault filter value
OptionsOptions to be made available for filter search.

Figure 6: Filter Properties - Choose Options Binder

Options BinderOptions to be populated dynamically using Options Binder plugin.

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