In this article, we will attempt to show you on how to start a process from a hyperlink (Datalist Hyperlink Action) in a Datalist.

Figure 1: Assign Custom ID in Run Process element in Userview Builder

In the Run Process element itself, assign a Custom ID to give it a specific identification so that it can be called easily later on.

Figure 2: Assign Hyperlink to the Run Process element's Custom ID in Datalist Builder's Hyperlink Action

In the Datalist Hyperlink Action's properties, key in the Custom ID earlier into it.

Optional: You may also want to initialize the "Run Process" form with a value.

In the "Hyperlink Parameters", key in the corresponding parameter name with the matching field ID. (E.g. In the form, it has a field called "title"). Remember to add in the prefix "fk_" or "fke_" to the parameter name. The latter one is used as a flag to allow the field to be edited.

You will also need to map the form into the "Run Process" activity in your process's activity mapping.

Figure 3: Optional - Adding a Run Process's Form.

Figure 4: Viewing the List and starting the process from hyperlink

Go to the published userrview and observe on how the link is constructed.

Figure 5: Starting process from the hyperlink

A new process flow will start with the form partially populated after clicking on the hyperlink.

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