New App Center

The user interface has been refreshed with the new App Center sporting a simplified, cleaner look.


New Admin Sidebar

For administrators and app designers, the new Admin Sidebar is easily accessible from almost everywhere, sliding out from the right for a consistent user experience.


Seamless App Installation from the Joget Marketplace

The App Center now offers seamless integration with the Joget Marketplace so apps can be installed at the click of a button.

New Web-Based Process Builder 

A new web-based Process Builder is now available to enable process design from right within the browser.

The existing Workflow Designer client which uses Java Web Start technology is also available to offer alternative means of designing processes based on preference. 


Improved App Generator

An improved App Generator greatly accelerates the building of an app by allowing administrators to rapidly generate an app directly from a form. It can generate lists, CRUD (create-read-update-delete) pages and processes.

Improved App Theme Flexibility

Underlying changes to the theme architecture allows for more flexibility and variations in themes for the front-end UI (Userview) for apps. A new modern theme is included using this new mechanism.


New Form Signature

A new signature form element is now available to capture a user's signature. This allows users to draw a signature using a mouse or touch screen.


New Audit Trail For Forms

In addition to capturing audit trails of process activities, form data updates can now be automatically captured for auditing purposes as well.


New and Enhanced App Plugins

Several useful and enhanced app plugins are provided, for example an Advanced Form Grid (a dynamic grid embedded within a form) and the enhanced charting plugin which allows for more impressive graphs and charts.


Performance Analyzer

The Performance Analyzer is a new feature in Joget Workflow v5 Enterprise Edition that allows administrators and app designers to analyze the performance of their apps and to identify possible bottlenecks.
When enabled, the Performance Analyzer identifies elements within a Userview where the processing time exceeds a specific threshold. Those elements in the Userview menu and current page will be highlighted when the Front-End Edit mode is active.

Upon mouseover of a highlighted element, details of affected method calls and/or SQL statements will be displayed.

By default, the Performance Analyzer is enabled with a threshold of 100ms. This setting can be overridden in the System Settings.

Upgrades Under The Hood

Joget is built on Java using the proven and popular enterprise libraries Spring Framework and Hibernate ORM and in v5 they will be upgraded to the latest available stable releases (Spring 4.1 and Hibernate 4.3) to take advantage of all the performance, stability and security improvements available.

Performance and Scalability Enhancements

Performance in the Joget Workflow v5 core platform has been optimized by minimizing hotspots through refactoring and caching, showing vast improvements in some use cases for even higher scalability and larger deployments.

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