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how to configure default mysql database with joget or how can i connect joget server with higher verson mysql 5.1 here i am unable to use community edition for devloping application because mysql command prompt is not opening given by joget in community edition while i try to execute mysqld-nt.exe i am unable to use command prompt. i am unable to use default command  given by joget team

this is the error i am getting

please make a video for configuring default mysql with joget server or mysql5.1 version with joget server

we will dam surely purchase enterprise edition if we configure the community edition.

this is the screen shot

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      Hi there,

      If I understand correctly, you would like to configure Joget's community with your own MySQL v5.1, right? It's pretty easy to do that apparently.
      Here are the steps..


      • First install your own instance of MySQL (v 5.1 for your case) and start the database.
      • Connect using the MySQL workbench or by using the mysql executable under
        <installed_path>/MySQL Server 5.1/bin
      • Create a datasource named as jwdb by executing the following in a command shell:
        • C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin\mysql -u root
        • <Enter your MySQL password when prompted>
        • CREATE DATABASE jwdb;
      • Now for all the .sql files in your <Joget_installation_dir>/data/, do the following on your mysql prompt:

        • source <path_to_your_sql_file>
      • This would prepare the initial database for Joget to run on.
      • The last step would be to edit the file under C:\Users\<your_user>\wflow to point to your database. You would need to edit the host, port and credentials of your database user in the file.
      • Now start the Joget server.

      I've tried to be as detailed as possible with those steps.

      Hope this would help.


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        mysqld-nt is for one to start up the DB server, which you probably don't want to do because when you start joget workflow, the DB server is already started.

        your question is similar to the one posted at

        and here's a similar video tutorial

        good luck!

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