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If a process has an Activity that has multiple Input transitions, should Joget wait to trigger that Activity until all of the Inputs have been satisfied?  

Example: In this simple process, I would like for both Activity 2 and 3 to be prerequisites for Activity 4.  However, as soon as Activity 2 or 3 is complete, Activity 4 is triggered (as you can see in the graph).

I have a more complex workflow where at times it seems to work as I desire, but not always.  Is there a way to enforce this logic? 


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      Figured it out.  In the example above, we need to set the Join Type to `AND`. 


      See similar question: What is the exact difference of the properties "Join Type" XOR ; AND

      Also this page from the v4 guide is somewhat helpful: Routes

      I have to admit that the documentation is confusing to me.  I've been focused on reading the v5 an v6 documentation.  I don't see anything as detailed as that v4 page on Routes in the newer docs.  Are the v5 and v6 Knowledge Bases as comprehensive as the older versions?

      Also, what I wouldn't give for some contextual help within the properties windows.  

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