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Hello Everyone,


Good day!


Just having a problem showing the value of a hash variable in a datalist, In some cases, we may need to recall some forms dated back for review. 


What I did,


I created a datalist to make a list of the field for the forms.

I added List in userview which is also pointing to the datalist that I've created.

I created a hidden form in the user field pointing to form I want to show where userkey name = id


Here's the screenshot.




When the user visited Data List, this is what they see.



This is when the user click the View


As you can see, the above highlighted variable is not showing it's value while other's work fine, Not quite sure what I had missed, Please advise.


Btw, As much as I want to use CRUD to review forms, We're only using the community edition where CRUD is not available,


I'm stuck in this module, I hope somebody could assist.


Thanks a lot!




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    1 answer


      Hi, variable hash variable is workflow assignment related hash variable which only will work when the form is in a process activity. In CRUD, there is no process involved. You should store the value in form instead.

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