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My Idea is: User(say ash) will fill a form in respective login and the admin should get an approval message in admin inbox, when the admin approves the message in his inbox it should be updated and user(ash) should get an message about the completion of task.

I use: Joget v6 Community edition

What i have done is: Admin will fill form and receives an approval message in his inbox and process further by approving or rejecting.

This is the workflow:Workflow.png


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    2 answers


      Hi ashvitha,

      I am not very clear on what you are asking. I will try my best to guess your question.

      If you want user Ash to receive a notification in the inbox whether task is approved or rejected, just have an activity lead back to the requester, so that Ash can acknowledge approval or rejection in the form.

      Hope this helps.

      1. ashvitha

        No i want the admin to receive a message when the user submits a form

      2. ashvitha

        AIM: When user ash submits a form, admin should get an approval email in admin inbox(Admin is a different user)

      3. Justin

        By right, Admin would already see the assignment in his Universal Inbox when user Ash submits a form. Do check your participant mapping. Cheers.

      4. ashvitha

        I have attached my workflow. Plz help me with participant mapping. Thank you Justin

      5. Justin

        Hey ashvitha, I do not see any attachment related to participant mapping. Please attach a screenshot and configuration of the page for "Map participant to user" in your app design. tq.

      6. ashvitha

        This is my workflow(Workflow.png) and user mapping (Participant Mappingpng). Tq in advance

      7. Justin

        Hey there, The participant mappings and workflow seems correct. Try checking if forms are mapped to the correct activities.

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