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  • org.joget.apps.datalist.service.DataListService
  • Under wflow-core module
  • Service class to manage data lists

Code Sample


public org.joget.apps.datalist.model.DataList fromJson(String json)

Create a DataList object from JSON definition.

public org.joget.apps.datalist.model.DataList evaluateColumnValueFromRow(Object row, String propertyName)

Retrieve a column value from the specified row and column. row expects another row object and propertyName expects a property value from a column id.

public org.joget.apps.datalist.model.DataListAction getAction(String className)

Retrieve an action plugin by class name.

public org.joget.apps.datalist.model.DataListAction[] getAvailableActions()

Returns an array of available action plugins. For now, ID is the fully qualified class name.

public org.joget.apps.datalist.model.DataListBinder[] getAvailableBinders()

Returns an array of available binder plugins. For now, ID is the fully qualified class name. 

public org.joget.apps.datalist.model.DataListColumnFormat[] getAvailableFormats()

Returns an array of available formatter plugins. For now, ID is the fully qualified class name.

public org.joget.apps.datalist.model.DataListBinder getBinder(String id)

Retrieve a binder plugin by ID. For now the ID is the class name.






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