Generate CRUD function will generate a Userview CRUD Menu item and append it in a new Userview category into an existing Userview.

Figure 1: Example of Userview category created from Generate CRUD

Figure 2: Example of CRUD Userview Menu created from Generate CRUD

Figure 3: Screenshot showing Generate CRUD plugin in Generate App function

Figure 4: Generate CRUD Properties

Category LabelCategory label of the new Userview category to be appended into the target Userview below.
Menu LabelCRUD menu label.
DatalistChoose an existing Datalist to associate it with the new CRUD menu item.
UserviewChoose a Userview to append the new Userview category into.

Figure 5: Generate CRUD Properties - Advanced Options

Menu IDCRUD Userview menu Custom ID
Show Delete Button?Customize CRUD behavior to show delete button.
Show Row Count?Customize CRUD behavior to show row count.




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