Image Upload is designed to cater to images. Uploaded images will be displayed according to dimensions set.

New Feature

This feature is enhanced in Joget Workflow v6 to support multiple file upload as well as drag and drop file upload.

Figure 1: Screenshot highlighting Image Upload in Form Builder

Figure 2: Screenshot highlighting Image Upload with image uploaded in actual Form

Figure 3: Image Upload Properties

IDElement ID (By declaring as "photo", a corresponding database table column "c_photo" will be created)
LabelElement Label to be displayed to end user.


Figure 4: Image Upload Properties - UI

Allowed multiple files upload?When checked, multiple files can be uploaded.

Determines if the element is editable.

Drop zone padding

Determine the extra size of padding for larger drop zone.





Width (px)Width in integer
Height (px)Height in integer
Create Thumbnail?Determines if the element will create a thumbnail and show it below the upload file element after image is uploaded.


Figure 5: Image Upload Properties - Advanced Options


Attach a Validator plugin to validate the input value.

When will validation takes place?

Validation will takes place whenever form is submitted except when it is submitted as "Save as Draft".

Maximum File Size (kb)Maximum File Size (KB) in Integer.
Error Message (File size limit exceeded)Error Message when file size exceeded.
Image File Type

Accepted file extension(s). (Semicolon separated values)

Error Message (File type mismatch)Error Message when file type mismatched.
Delete actual file during overwrite or remove?

 Actual file will be deleted when file is removed or being overwritten.

New Feature

Newly introduced in Joget Workflow v6


 Manage on who is able to access the file uploaded. Read more at Permission Control.



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