Each participant declared in Process Designer would have its mapping configured here. There are various options available to define the participants.

Figure 1: Map Participants to Users

Process Start White List

Process Start White List defines who is permitted to start the process. By default, everyone can start the process.  But when configured, only those found in the mapping will be allowed to do so.

Mapping Options

Map to User or Group

Figure 2: Map to User or Group

One may map a participant to a select user(s) or group(s). By doing so, every time a new activity is created in the participant's swimlane, Joget will pick up the same resultant user(s) to be assigned as assignee(s).

Inactive User

If the user mapped is inactive at the time of assignment is made, remember to delegate, re-assign, or change mapping and re-evaluate the assignment.

No valid user found?

If there's no valid user found to be assigned to at the time of assignment is made, the activity will be assigned to the current logged in user (previous performer).

Map to Org Chart

Figure 2: Map to Org Chart

One may also map to a participant in relation to the reporting organization chart and the performers/participants in the process flow.

For example, we are trying to determine the participant that will be approving a claim. The person to approve a claim will be the HOD of the person that submitted the claim. Therefore, the setting would be "Performer's HOD where the performer executed Submit Claim"

Map to Workflow Variable

Figure 3: Map to Workflow Variable

A participant can also be determined through the use of Workflow Variable. This is particularly useful when the participant is decided on-the-fly in the preceding activity with the value set into the Workflow Variable. If the variable value contains a username, then, the option to be set here would be "Username" with the correct Variable ID picked.

Map to Plugin

List of available Participant Plugins



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