This is a quick tutorial on using an HTML form to pass parameters to the JasperReports Userview Menu, to demonstrate how to filter the results of a report based on input values.

First, add a JasperReports menu into your Userview Builder and configure it as usual.

Then, write in the code as seen in the "UI > Custom Header" option, as shown in the screenshot below. The code specified here will create a HTML form to allow filter values to be submitted.

After then, use the Request Parameters Hash Variable to re-populate the submitted value.

After a form is created, configure the Report Parameters with the help of Request Parameters Hash Variable.

Now, your report is ready with the filtering feature. The screenshots below shows the end result.

1. Before any value is keyed in for the filter:

2. After a "j" is typed in the filter field and the submit button is clicked:

Sample App :

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