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You may initialize a new form with some fields pre-populated using Bean Shell Form Binder.

Figure 1 below shows an example of a form whose first 3 fields are to be pre-populated.

Figure 1: Form with Fields to Pre-populate

The quick and easy approach in addressing this requirement is to make use of the Beanshell Form Binder in the section's Load Binder. Edit the section.

Figure 2: Configuring Section Properties to Determine How Data Will Be Handled

In Load Binder, select "Bean Shell Form Binder" as the Load Binder.

Figure 3: Choose Beanshell Form Binder as the Load Binder

Configure the Bean Shell Form Binder with your own coding to populate relevant fields, as shown in the figure below.

Code used in this example:

Figure 4: Populate Beanshell Form Binder with the Necessary Codes

If the coding is properly written and tested, you should get this result:

Figure 5: The 3 Pre-populated Fields After a New Form is Loaded

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