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This tutorial will show you on how to make multiple selections in a list and use them to prepopulate a select box in a form.

For example, in the figure below, we are selecting 2 rows and click on the "Add to Form" button.

This would bring us to the page as shown below with a form. The select box in the form has the 2 options earlier checked.

The way to implement this would require just 2 steps. One at the list level and the other one at the form level.

Step 1: Add Hyperlink Action in Datalist Builder

Open up the list in the Datalist Builder. Add a Hyperlink action to and configure it.

In the "Hyperlink", point it to a form. In the example below, we are pointing to a new form in a CRUD menu.

Add a new parameter to the link and populate it with "ID" value.

Remember the parameter name declared as we are going to read it from the form later on.

Step 2: Read and populate selection in Form Builder

Open the intended form that will open up as a result of the button click in the list earlier.

Add in a "Custom HTML" element into the form.

Paste in the code into the custom HTML element.

<script type="text/javascript">
       var value = decodeURIComponent("#requestParam.applications#"); //replace with the parameter name you declared in datalist action
       var values = value.split(';');
        $.each( values, function( index, value ){
            if(value != ""){
                $(FormUtil.getField("applications")).find("option[value='" + value + "']").attr('selected', 'selected'); //replace with the field ID of the select box in your form
        //$(FormUtil.getField("applications")).trigger("chosen:updated"); //enable this line if you are using Multi Select Box, replace with the field ID of the select box in your form
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