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In the Processes tab of your Joget app, images of your processes will be generated and updated under certain circumstances (e.g. process diagram update). The images may not get generated under certain circumstances.

The message below will stay the same for a prolonged period or you may get a blank image if the generation fails.

Figure 1: Process thumbnail not being generated

Possible problem 1 - Permission access on home folder

You may need to grant sufficient read/write permission to the /wflow home folder.

Start up your Joget server using the same user with the permission to access the folder.

Possible problem 2 - java.awt.headless error

The server that hosts Joget may not have full graphic support, therefore, you can try to run the server in headless mode by adding the following parameter to the startup script (i.e. under JAVA_OPTS.

More references:

Possible problem 3 - Domain/DNS/Routing issue

A http call will be made when a process thumbnail is being generated.
You will need to make sure that you are able to ping/call to the domain itself from the server that is hosting Joget itself. (e.g. your domain is - from your server, you must be able to ping to as well)

If you are facing similar issue such as this, try to modify your host file so that it would redirect to your localhost.


Possible problem 4 - Outdated cached process images

If you have tried out the solutions above and still can't get it to work, then you may try to clear the cached images from your Joget home folder (typically located at [USER]/wflow/app_xpdlImages ) Refresh your browser page so that it will attempt to generate new thumbnails again.

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