Joget Workflow v6 Beta 4 Released

Check out the latest Joget Workflow v6 Beta for many new features and improvements in user experience (UX), app maintainability and performance.

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Spreadsheet Form Element allow users to perform many actions in an excel-like environment, depending on the use cases. A few examples of uses of spreadsheets are:
  • Database editing
  • Configuration controlling
  • Data merging
  • Workforce planning
  • Sales reporting
  • Financial analysis
New Feature

This is a new feature in Joget Workflow v6.

Figure 1 : Sample Spreadsheet Form Element in the Userview

Figure 2 : Spreadsheet Form Element Properties

SpreadsheetElement ID of the form element.
LabelSpreadsheet label/title.

The spreadsheet column(s) is defined here.

ValueField ID of the column.
LabelColumn header title/label.
Format Type

Defines the type of input to store.

Default format type is Text.

Available Data Types:

  • Text - format the value as text
  • Numeric - accepts a numeric value (See Format documentation)
  • Date - accepts a date type value
  • Time - accepts a time type value
  • Checkbox - appears as a checkbox to check
  • Dropdown - appears as a dropdown menu to select options
  • Autocomplete - autocompletes any known phrases
  • Password - obscures any alphanumerical value into a password
  • File
  • Image
  • Hidden
  • Custom

Defines the format to show data on the spreadsheet based on the chosen format type.

  • Numeric - Key in format accepted by numbrojs library.
  • Date - Key in format accepted by moment.js  library. (Default value: DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Time - Key in format accepted by moment.js library.(Default value: h:mm:ss a)
  • Dropdown - Key in Form ID that contains the equivalent dropdown element.
  • Autocomplete - See handsontable for samples.
  • File - Key in Form Def ID that contains File Upload form element.
  • Image - Key in Form Def ID that contains Image Upload form element.
  • Hidden - Key in default value to be saved.
  • Custom - See handsontable for samples.
Regex ValidationValidates input value to match the defined Regular Expression pattern.

Defines a formula to perform processing.


Example: sales + profit-loss



ReadonlyDefines if the column is editable.

Figure 3 : Spreadsheet Form Element Properties - UI


Enable Header Sorting?Determines if users can sort spreadsheet data by column in ascending or descending order.
Data Order Field IDField to keep the ordering sequence. Must correspond with a field id in the target form.
ReadonlyDefines if the entire spreadsheet is editable.
Disable Add FeatureDetermines if a new row can be added.
Disable Delete FeatureDetermines if a row can be removed.
Show Row Numbering?

Show additional column on the leftmost to denote numbering.


Row numbering checked.

Number of columns to fixed on left

Allows to specify the number of fixed (or frozen) columns on the left of the table.

Default Value: 0

Number of spare rows

Number of spare row to be added automatically after lines with values.


1 spare row



Custom Settings (JSON)-


Figure 4 : Spreadsheet Form Element Properties - Validation & Data Binder



Attach a Validator plugin to validate the input value.

When will validation takes place?

Validation will takes place whenever form is submitted except when it is submitted as "Save as Draft".

Min Number of Row Validation (Integer)Defines the minimum number of rows required for input.
Max Number of Row Validation (Integer)Defines the maximum number of rows possible for input.
Error MessageError message to be shown when row requirements set above is not met.
Load BinderOption by default. Grid data will be saved/loaded in JSON format in its defined database cell.
Store BinderOption by default. Grid data will be saved/loaded in JSON format in its defined database cell.





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