The following are the steps and issues when installing Joget Workflow Enterprise Edition v5 on other Java EE application servers. Please do contribute to this article with your experiences.

Installation on Weblogic 12c (

  1. Deploy the jw.war and jwdesigner.war files, they should work as normal.

Installation on Websphere 8.5 Liberty Profile (

  1. Deploy the jw.war and jwdesigner.war files, they should work as normal.

Installation on JBoss EAP 6.4 (6.4.0)

  1. Deploy the jw.war and jwdesigner.war files.
  2. Manually configure the datasource in "wflow" folder.
  3. Set "wflow" folder path correctly in JAVA_OPTS.

Installation on Glassfish 4.1

  1. GlassFish runs an older version of the Apache Felix OSGI container, so there is a class loader conflict.

    java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation in interface itable initialization: when resolving method "org.apache.felix.framework.wiring.BundleCapabilityImpl.getResource()Lorg/osgi/resource/Resource;" 
    the class loader (instance of org/glassfish/web/loader/WebappClassLoader) of the current class, org/apache/felix/framework/wiring/BundleCapabilityImpl, and the class loader (instance of java/net/URLClassLoader) for interface org/osgi/resource/Capability have different Class objects for the type tyImpl.getResource()Lorg/osgi/resource/Resource; used in the signature

     To mitigate this, we will need to downgrade the Apache Felix libraries before deploying to GlassFish.

  2. Expand (unzip) jw.war
  3. Delete the newer Apache Felix jar files from WEB-INF/lib:
    1. org.apache.felix.framework-4.6.1.jar
    2. org.apache.felix.main-4.6.1.jar
  4. Add the older Apache Felix jar files below into WEB-INF/lib:
    1. org.apache.felix.framework-4.0.3.jar
    2. org.apache.felix.main-4.0.3.jar
  5. Add a modified Apache Felix file below (which contains a new property felix.service.urlhandlers=false) into WEB-INF/classes 
  6. Repackage into an updated jw.war
  7. Deploy the updated jw.war and jwdesigner.war