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This is a auto-generated unique API ID.
API Document NameName for the API document.
DescriptionDescription for the API document.

Here you can add miscellaneous information (such as ToS URL, contact name & email, license details, etc.), to append to the API Document.


Enable API for Internal Use?

Enables a convenient authentication method for all APIs in the current API document that will be consumed internally within Joget.

By enabling this, internally consumed APIs no longer require configuration from the Manage API Key Menu userview menu. Instead, you can set a fixed internal API key that persists upon app import/export across different Joget instances.

Do note that API calls from an external environment still requires proper API key management via Manage API Key Menu userview menu.

Here is a sample script used internally in Joget that utilizes this feature:

            api_id : 'yourApiDocIdHere', 
            api_key : 'yourInternalApiKeyHere' 
        type: 'GET', 
        success: function(req) { 
Internal API keyKey in any characters of your choice here to represent the API key for internal use only.
Internal API key permissionManage the permission on who can call the APIs internally.
Permission Control.

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