To operate the Cardano plugin pack on the Preview Testnet or Pre-production Testnet, please create a Blockfrost Profile.



This plugin allows you to conveniently centralized the backend configuration for all Cardano Blockchain plugins within the app.

It is recommended to use this plugin to avoid duplicating backend credentials across multiple Cardano Blockchain plugins.

Plugin Properties

Configure Cardano Default Backend Configuration

Network Type

Select the network to create an account on:

  • Mainnet
  • Preview Testnet
  • Pre-production Testnet

"Mainnet" uses assets with actual monetary value.

Please use the testnets for testing purposes.

"Mainnet" uses real-world value. Please use "Preview Testnet" or "Pre-Production Testnet" for testing purposes.
Backend Service

Select the backend service you wish to use to execute your blockchain queries/transactions with:

  • Blockfrost
  • Koios
Blockfrost Project Key 

This property will only appear when Backend Service is Blockfrost.

Blockfrost project key can be retrieved from your Blockfrost account after registering a Blockfrost account.
Adding a project will auto-generate a Project ID key to access Blockfrost services.

Paste in your generated mainnet/testnet Project ID key.

Blockfrost API key and Project ID are the same.

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