The Code Builder allow app designers to create and reuse code snippets in a Joget app.

To retrieve code snippets created in this builder, use the Code Builder Hash Variable.

The benefits of this addon builder are:

  1. Enhance maintainability. Changes done to a code snippet will be reflected to all of its usages in the app.
  2. Access to predefined code snippet templates to get started on scripting quickly.
  3. Code indentation and syntax highlighting via the code editor.
  4. Ability to find all usages of current code snippet template via Builder Advanced Tools.
  5. If required, able to create highly customized code snippet templates via plugin.

You can try out this builder at

New Feature

The Code Builder is a plugin created for the Addon Builders. This is a new feature in Joget DX Enterprise and Professional editions.

This plugin is still in PREVIEW stage and undergoing development. NOT recommended for production use.

The feature set found in the current plugin is not finalized and may be expanded in the future.

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