Document Generation Datalist Action is a plugin that exports form data to a Word document based on a specific template.

Plugin Info

Plugin Available in the Bundle:

  1. Document Generation Datalist Action

This plugin bundle is compatible with Joget DX 8.

Expected Outcome

To successfully export form data to a Word document based on the template.

Get Started


Create a word template

Create a word document template with general fields which will determine the layout. For example, if one want to create a resume, the word template will be as shown in Figure 1.

Utilizing form field IDs as placeholders for replacing/retrieve actual data. These placeholders are represented as $(field_id), such as $(name) and $(email) etc.

Figure 1: Word document template

Download Sample Template


1. Import demo app from Download Demo App or follow Create form and datalist from scratch.

Create form and datalist from scratch

1. Get the plugin jar file from

2. Create a new form with the desired fields using form builder.

Figure 2: Form Builder Form

3. Generate a CRUD by using Generate App option shown below:

 Figure 3: Generate a Form CRUD

4. Now go to List Builder and choose the list of that form that was created earlier and drag and drop the Document Generation Datalist Action plugin element into the list as shown below:

Figure 4: Drag and Drop the Document Generation Datalist Action Plugin in the list 

5. Fill in the plugin configurations based on Document Generation Datalist Action Properties.

6. Save it and whenever a form is created or edited in the CRUD, it can be downloaded using the Download Generation Datalist Action button as shown below:

Figure 5: Export the Document using Download Generation Datalist Action button

Using Hash Variable to Manage Template File 

1. Now upload this Word Template (the created word template) in the App's Resource in Joget as shown below:

Figure 6: Upload Word template in the Apps's Resource

2. Now click on the plugin → plugin Configuration →Template file bring the hash variable of the resource that was uploaded previously.

Figure 7: Get the hash variable of the Resource uploaded previously 

Document Generation Datalist Action Properties

Figure 8: Plugin Configurations

Configure Document Generation Datalist Action



Template File

Template file created at Create a word template. You can use hash variable or directly upload the Template File in the field.


Form to be exported into Word File.

Image Pixel Dimension (width x height)



Pixel Width

Image width to be exported to.

Pixel Height

Image height to be exported to.

Source Code and Plugin Download

  1. Please visit for the plugin's source code.
  2. You can find the latest release at
  3. Upload the plugin to your Joget by navigating to Settings > Manage Plugins > Upload Plugin as admin.

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