Format Number Hash Plugin is a hash variable type plugin which allows to format numbers.

Available Formats

  • #formatNumber.34567# -> returns 34567
  • #formatNumber.{form.table.field} -> return the value of form.table.field
  • #formatNumber.12345[decimal=2]# -> returns 12345.00
  • #formatNumber.12345[decimal=2&thousandSeparator=,]# -> returns 12,345.00
  • #formatNumber.{form.table.field}[decimal=2]# -> returns the values with 2 decimal places
  • #formatNumber.{form.table.field}[decimal=2&thousandSeparator=,]# -> returns the values with 2 decimal places with thousand separator

Plugin Info

Plugin Available in the Bundle:

  1. Format Number Hash Variable

This plugin bundle is compatible with Joget DX 8.

Expected Outcome

To be able to format numbers using hash variables.

Getting Started


Where to get the plugin

You can get the plugin from Joget Marketplace. Upload the plugin to your Joget by navigating to Settings > Manage Plugins > Upload Plugin as admin.

How to use the plugin

1. Just for reference on how the hash variable works, create a form to submit a number. This will be used as the form.table.field for the hash variable.

Figure 1: Create Form to Submit Number

2. Create a form to use the format number hash variables. 

Figure 2: Create Form to View Format Number Hash Variables

3. Create list and create crud using the Generate App button. Go to the UI. Now let us see the values of the hash variables, we can see that the values are converted accurately.

Figure 3: UI to View Format Number Hash Variables

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