This plugin is still in BETA.

The Generative AI Plugin is a plugin that adds a new option under the Design New App page to help with app creation using the Generative AI language model. It is used to build a skeleton/foundation of an app through instructions/prompts by users and can further enhance the app functionality as desired. This article will explore the functionality and capability of this plugin by creating a Purchase Requisition App using this plugin.


The following requirements are required to use the plugin:

  1. Enterprise version 8.0.6 onward.
  2. Generative AI Plugin downloaded.
  3. Process Enhancement Plugin DX downloaded.
  4. An OpenAI API KEY that's obtained from

Figure 1: Obtain API keys

Steps Example

Step 1

Once everything is set up, select the Design App -> Create New App option located at the left sidebar in the App Center.

Figure 2: Design App > Create New App

Step 2

Select the Generative AI (Beta) option.


Figure 3: Generative AI (Beta) option

Step 3

Once clicked, you'll see the following, simply click on "Configure Service".

Figure 4: Configure Service

Step 4

Select "Configure ChatGPT Service" and paste your API Key into the API Key field.

Figure 5: Configure Service Configuration

Step 5

Once the setup is done, you'll see the following screens and you may begin to prompt the App requirements.

Figure 6: Generative AI (Beta) prompt

Step 6

Fill in the App ID and Name respectively. For this example, "purchaseRequisition" is the App ID, and "Purchase Requisition App" is App Name. The provided text will used as the text prompt in generating the app. Once everything is filled in, click on "Save".


Figure 7: Text Prompt

The text:
"Generate a purchase requisition application that involves employee, HOD & Finance. If the total price is greater than $10000, it requires approval from the
HOD before getting approval from finance. If the total price is lesser than or equal to $10000, then it does not require approval from HOD."

Step 7

Once the app finishes generating, you'll see the following indicating a success. 

Figure 8: Result 

Test the app and customize it accordingly to your needs.

Sample Generated App:


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