This form load binder plugin allows you to load account data directly from the Hedera DLT into a form.
This plugin can be used at the form level or at the form section level.

Plugin Properties

Configure Hedera Account Load Binder

Operator IDSee Hedera Default Backend Configuration.
Operator Key
Network Type
Account IDThe account ID to load data for. Typically a Hash Variable is used here.

Map Value To Form Fields

HBAR Balance

The current available HBAR balance in this account.

Token Balances
Token ID

Paste in the token ID to retrieve balance for.

Map To Form Field

Selections here will show all available fields in the current form.

Select the field to load this token balance to.

Account MemoA note or description that was set for this account (maximum length of 100 characters).
Is Account DeletedTo indicate if this account is marked as deleted or not.
Is Receiver Signature RequiredTo indicate if this account requires signing for incoming transactions.
EVM AddressThe EVM-equivalent account address based on the Account ID.
Max Automatic Token Assosciations

The maximum number of custom tokens that an account can automatically associate without manual preauthorization.

Default value on account creation is 0.

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