This process tool plugin allows you to sign scheduled transactions (e.g.: multi-sig transactions, receiver signature required, etc.).

This tool may be reworked in the future to improve usage-friendliness.

Plugin Properties

Configure Hedera Sign Scheduled Transaction Tool



Operator IDPaste in your operator account ID, according to the selected network type.
Operator Key

Paste in your operator account private key, according to the selected network type.

Network Type

Select the network to interact on:

  • Mainnet
  • Previewnet
  • Testnet
"Mainnet" uses real-world value. Please use "Previewnet" or "Testnet" for testing purposes.
Schedule ID

The unique identifier of the scheduled transaction to sign for. Typically a Hash Variable is used here.

Signer Details

Signer Account Mnemonic Phrase

This is the participating account's secret key that is used to sign the scheduled transaction.

Only accepts Hash Variable that points to the account's encrypted stored mnemonic phrase.


Account Mnemonic Phrase MUST be strictly secured at all times, and only viewable to the intended user.

Do NOT key in the plain-text mnemonic phrase here.

Anyone who possesses this phrase has full unrestricted control and can do irreparable damage!

Store Response To Workflow Variable



Response StatusTo indicate if the transaction signing is successful or not.

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