Known Limitations

  • "Enable Multiple Files Upload" property is not available due to IPFS handling
  • For automatic file unpinning to work correctly upon form record deletion, you must enable "Delete Associated Child Form Data?" property in list-type userview menus or delete actions
    (e.g.: CRUD Menu, Datalist Delete Action).


This plugin is based on the default bundled File Upload form element.

Aside from functioning just like a usual File Upload form element, this plugin also performs these actions:

  • When a new file is uploaded, the file is also uploaded to IPFS and pinned on the IPFS node
  • When a file replaces an existing file, if the file content differs, the old file is unpinned and the new file is uploaded to IPFS and pinned on the IPFS node
  • When file is removed or related form record is deleted, file is unpinned on the IPFS node

This plugin integrates with Blockfrost for IPFS functionality.

The plugin source codes can be found at JogetOSS Github. Feel free to clone and customize to suit your needs.

Configure IPFS File Upload Form Element

To learn how to configure this plugin, first do refer to the KB page for File Upload form element.

This plugin's configuration is almost identical, only with the additional configurable properties below.

IPFS Configuration

Blockfrost IPFS Project Key

Paste in your generated IPFS project API key.
Go to and sign up for an account. There is a free account option.

For more info about Blockfrost project key types, see:

Field ID to Store Content ID

This field will be used to store the file's IPFS content identifier, and will change depending on the file uploaded on this form element.

Example value: QmeRdF1aybs9VKMYKM8E5tFPW96ngJ8i76Lia763wVtNX6

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