This unique form validator plugin allows a maximum of 5 form validator plugins to be configured for a form element.

The plugin source codes can be found at JogetOSS Github. Feel free to clone and customize to suit your needs.

Configure Multi Form Validator


  • This plugin only uses the element decorator for the first validator, and not the other possible 4 validators after.
    Example: If you are using the Default Validator and need to display the "mandatory" icon beside the form element, use the Default Validator as the first validator.

  • If the user input does not fulfill many of the configured validators, only the error message for the first validator that returns false will be displayed.
Choose The First ValidatorSelect a form validator plugin here.
Choose The Second ValidatorSelect a form validator plugin here.
Choose The Third ValidatorSelect a form validator plugin here.
Choose The Fourth ValidatorSelect a form validator plugin here.
Choose The Fifth ValidatorSelect a form validator plugin here.

Download Plugin

Download the plugin .jar and source files from

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