The Password Protected Pdf Tool plugin is used to to generate password-protected PDF documents. Supports multiple file uploads. 

Plugin Info

Plugins Available in the Bundle:

  1. Password Protected Pdf Tool

This plugin bundle is compatible with Joget DX 8 and onwards.

Expected Outcome

To be able to add password on multiple PDF files.

Figure 1: Add password on multiple PDF files.

Get Started


Where To Get The Plugin

Refer to Source Code and Plugin Download.

How To Install And Use The Plugin

1. You can choose to import the demo app or create the app from scratch. For demo app, go to Joget Home or All Apps and click on Import App to import the downloaded demo app (refer to another KB - Import Joget App for more details).

2. To create the app from scratch, now let us create a new form File Upload and Download with two File Upload elements.

Figure 2: File Upload and Download Form

3. Create list and crud for the form.

Figure 3: Generate CRUD for File Upload and Download Form

4. Go to List - File Upload and Download and add File Upload as another column in the list.

Figure 4: Modify File Upload and Download List

5. Now return to the first File Upload and Download form we created, attach the Password Protected Pdf Tool in the Post Form Submission Processing section.

Figure 5: Attach Password Protected Pdf Tool to File Upload and Download Form

6. Fill in the plugin configurations based on . Fill in the password. Save the form.

Figure 6: Fill in Plugin Configurations

7. Now go to the UI again. Go to Manage File Upload and Download and upload a new PDF file. Save.


Figure 7: Upload a PDF file

8. You can see now the file is generated, with default name based on Table 1. Click edit.

Figure 8: PDF File with Password Protected Generated

9. You can see that the PDF file has been encrypted.

Figure 9: Download and View the Generated PDF File

Figure 10: Enter Password for the document

10. Now let us try uploading multiple files. To upload multiple files, we need to enable the checkbox Enable Multiple Files Upload. Save and return to the UI.

Figure 11: Enabling Multiple Files Upload

11. Upload multiple files. You can see that  multiple files with password protected are generated.

Figure 12: Upload and Download Files with Password Protected

Password Protected Pdf Tool Properties

Configure Password Protected Pdf Tool

Figure 13: Plugin Configurations

Source FileHeader
Choose Form *Form where field for source file resides
Choose Field *Field of source file
Password *Set password for the pdf file generated
Output FileHeader
Choose Form *Form where field for output file resides
Choose Field *Field of output file

Source Code and Plugin Download

Demo App Download

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