Status Color Datalist Formatter is a Datalist Column Formatter that allows users to format the background color of a column based on the value given. 

Get Started

Steps To Use The Plugin

  1. Start the Joget server and open the App Center.

  2. Login as admin and click on Design New App or click on an existing application.

  3. For a new application, fill up the App ID and App Name then proceeds to click on the Save button.

  4. Create New Form, fill up Form ID, Form Name and Table Name then click on the Save button.

  5. Fill up the form with a Text Field with the id as status then save the form. 

  6. Click the GENERATE APP button and generate a CRUD.

  7. After creating the CRUD, edit the List - Status Color Form datalist.

  8. Edit the status column and add the Status Color Datalist Formatter.

  9. Edit the column by adding status accordingly and selecting color then save the form. 

  10. Add a few records to the datalist and observe the results. 

Status Color Datalist Formatter Properties


Status Case Sensitivity

When checked, the column 'Value' will be case-sensitive.

ValueValue of status.
LabelStatus label to be displayed.
Background ColorColor of background.

Source Code

This plugin source code is available in a new open source repository at JogetOSS is a community-led team for open source software related to the Joget no-code/low-code application platform. Projects under JogetOSS are community-driven and community-supported, and you are welcome to contribute to the projects. The source code for this plugin is available at

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