The Subform Repeater Plugin is a great alternative for the enterprise "Form Grid" field element.

The Subform Repeater Plugin allows you to design a form and add a subform that is repeated (as in multiple rows) to display child records and at the same time open a new top or bottom row for data entry. Subform Repeater Plugin does not pop up a new browser window "Form Grid" style.

The Subform Repeater is very flexible as it allows you to configure many options (load and save datasource, validations, subform appearance etc.).


If your form with subform repeater is using Form Hash variable, add a [{recordId}] as index in your form hash, for example #form.table.field[{recordId}]#, where recordid is a reserved variable used by Joget to retrieve the subform's id.

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Source Code

This plugin source code is available in a new open source repository at JogetOSS is a community-led team for open source software related to the Joget no-code/low-code application platform. Projects under JogetOSS are community-driven and community-supported, and you are welcome to contribute to the projects. The source code for this plugin is available at

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