Twilio Message Tool plugin seamlessly integrates with the powerful Twilio platform, empowering users to effortlessly send both WhatsApp messages and SMS. Plugin configuration allows user to choose the sevice (whatsapp, sms), add media to message and to send message to a single recipient or multiple recipients.

Source Code

This plugin source code is available in JogetOSS repository at

Plugin Download

You may download it from

Twilio Message Tool Properties

Configure Twilio Message Tool

Figure 1: Twilio Message Tool Properties (Page 1)

Account SID

Account SID provided in Twilio dashboard.

Auth Token

Auth Token provided in Twilio dashboard.

Send As

The types of messaging mediums supported

  • SMS
  • WhatsApp

From Number

Twilio sender number provided in Twilio dashboard. *SMS and WhatsApp uses different sender number.

To Number

User recipient number. You can send to multiple recipient numbers by using ";" as the delimiter. (Eg: +601234567;+6011111111)


Message to be sent from Twilio sender to recipient.

Media URLs

Figure 2: Twilio Message Tool Properties (Page 2)


Only supports public URL. Private URL not supported.

Twilio Setup Process

Retrieving Account SID, Auth Token and Twilio Sender Number (SMS)

1. Create a Twilio account or login to Twilio Console.

2. Click on "Get a Twilio phone number" to get a Twilio sender number.

Figure 3: Twilio Console Dashboard

3. Save your Account SID, Auth Token, and Twilio phone aside, we will be using them to configure the plugin later.

Figure 4: Twilio Account Info

Setup Twilio SMS

1. Send a message using the app configured with the plugin.

Figure 5: Joget App with the Plugin Configured for SMS

2. Twilio will send you the message and configured Media URLs in SMS.

Figure 6: Phone Messaging App Receiving Twilio Messages

Setup Twilio WhatsApp

1. Under Messaging > Try it out > Send a WhatsApp message, you can retrieve the sandbox WhatsApp number to be used in the plugin later.

Figure 7: Twilio Console Dashboard for WhatsApp

2. Send the code to the WhatsApp number provided to connect to the WhatsApp Sandbox.

Figure 8: Connecting to WhatsApp Sandbox 

3. Send a message using the app configured with the plugin.

Figure 9: Joget App with the Plugin Configured for WhatsApp

4. Twilio will send you the message and configured Media URLs in WhatsApp.

Figure 10: WhatsApp Receiving Twilio Messages

To setup WhatsApp Business Account, refer to


Figure 11: Trial account only allows one verified number

  • Trial account only allows Sandbox WhatsApp.
  • Can only pass Body parameter to image (.jpg). Reference

Figure 12: WhatsApp body limitation

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