The Universal Datalist Inbox Audit Trail Plugin shows the assignments for all the apps that have the plugin attached.

Plugin Information

Plugins Available in the Bundle:

  1. Universal Datalist Inbox Audit Trail

This plugin bundle is compatible with Joget DX 8.

Expected Outcome

To be able to detect assignment creation/update and write common form data into common table to be used in datalist inbox.

Get Started


Where to get the plugin

  1. Please visit for the plugin's source code.
  2. You can find the latest release at
  3. Upload the plugin to your Joget by navigating to Settings > Manage Plugins > Upload Plugin as admin.

Steps for importing demo app

1. Download the demo app from Download Demo App.

2. Go to Joget Home or All Apps and click on Import App to import the downloaded demo app.

How to install the plugin

1. Attach the plugin at Plugin Default Properties. There are no configuration properties required for this plugin. When you attach this plugin, it will create a common table "assignment_formdata" to store the assignment values for the apps that have this plugin attached.

Figure 1: Plugin Default Properties

2. Create a datalist to show the values from the common table created. Use SELECT * FROM assignment_formdata as the query.

Figure 2: List Builder - Database SQL Query

3. You can see the form data in JSON format. Optional: use the JSON To Table Formatter Plugin to map the desired fields into table form.

Figure 3: List Builder - JSON To Table Formatter

4. In the UI Builder, drag the List Inbox and choose the List created in previous step.

Figure 4: UI Builder - List Inbox 

5. Create some simple process using the process builder, and place it into the UI. 

Figure 5: Process Builder - Simple Process

How to use the plugin

1. If you face this problem, try to uninstall the plugin and attach it again at the Plugin Default Properties in step 1. It will trigger the dao to create the common table again. Make sure you did not make any typo errors for the table name "assignment_formdata".

Figure 6: Common Table not Created

2. Click on Run Process 1. Fill in anything and Submit.

Figure 7: Run Process 1

3. You will see that there is a record in the List Inbox.

Figure 8: List Inbox with record for Process 1

4. Now try to run process 2. 

Figure 9: Run Process 2

5. You can see that both of the different processes are together in one datalist with their form data respectively.

Figure 10: List Inbox with record for Process 1 and Process 2

6. Create another simple process in another app that has the Universal Datalist Inbox Audit Trail attached in Plugin Default Properties. Run the process.

Figure 11: Create process in another App

7. In the UI, make sure Assignments to Display is Assignments for All Apps to be able to see all apps processes.

Figure 12: Assignments to Display for All Apps Option

8. Now you can see that the other app process is inside this common table. The Form Data is empty here because I have not mapped them in the JSON To Table Formatter Plugin.

Figure 13: List Inbox with record for Process 1, 2, and other Apps

9. After mapping the id, we can see that the id for each respective forms are shown.

Figure 14: Mapping Form Data using JSON To Table Formatter

Download Demo App

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