This process tool plugin allows you to generate a wallet on the XRP ledger, and store the account data into a form and/or workflow variables.

Do note that for freshly created wallets, it must be funded according to the reserve requirement, in order for the ledger to be aware of the wallet's existence.

If you are using the devnet or testnet, do check the Fund Test Wallet plugin property.

To learn more about the reserve requirement, see:

Plugin Properties

Configure XRPL Generate Wallet Tool

rippled Server

Select the network to create a wallet on:

  • General Purpose Mainnet
  • Full History Mainnet
  • Devnet
  • Testnet
  • Custom Server

"Mainnet" uses real-world XRP.
Please use "testnet" or "devnet" or your own test rippled server for testing purposes.

The selectable networks here connects to official XRPL public servers.
To learn more about all the network types and public servers available, see:

rippled URL

Only available if Custom Server is selected for rippled Server property.

If you have setup your own rippled server, key in its URL here.

Fund Test Wallet

Only available if Devnet or Testnet is selected for rippled Server property.

Check this option to automatically fund the test wallet upon wallet creation.

Store Data To Form


Select a form to store the wallet data to.

All fields from the selected form will be made available for field mapping in the section below.

Field Mapping
Wallet Seed

This is the secret key used to perform actions with the wallet.
In the event if wallet data is lost, this seed value can be used on a qualified wallet to recover the account.

This value is stored as an encrypted value in the database.

To learn more about wallet seed, see:


Wallet seed MUST be strictly secured at all times, and only viewable to the intended user.

Anyone who possesses this seed has full unrestricted control and can do irreparable damage!

Wallet Owner FieldThe field to store the owner of this wallet.
Wallet Owner Value

To store the wallet owner value based on the field selected on Wallet Owner Field property.

Hash variable is accepted here. Typically points to an actual Joget user, e.g. : Joget username.

Is Test Wallet FlagTo indicate if this is a real or test wallet.
Wallet Public Key

The wallet's master public key.

Wallet X-Address

The wallet's X-Address.

To learn more about X-Address format, see:

Store Response To Workflow Variable

Response StatusTo indicate if the wallet generation is successful.
Is Test Wallet FlagTo indicate if this is a real or test wallet.

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