This process tool plugin allows you to send XRP from one wallet to another on the XRP ledger.

Do ensure that the sender's wallet has sufficient balance for the amount to send & its required transaction fee.

Plugin Properties

Configure XRPL Send Transaction Tool

rippled Server

Select the network to perform transactions on:

  • General Purpose Mainnet
  • Full History Mainnet
  • Devnet
  • Testnet
  • Custom Server

"Mainnet" uses real-world XRP.
Please use "testnet" or "devnet" or your own test rippled server for testing purposes.

The selectable networks here connects to official XRPL public servers.
To learn more about all the network types and public servers available, see:

rippled URL

Only available if Custom Server is selected for rippled Server property.

If you have setup your own rippled server, key in its URL here.

Transaction Details

Origin Wallet Address

Wallet classic address to send funds from. Hash Variable is also accepted.

Origin Wallet Seed Value

This is the sender's wallet secret key required in order to perform actions with the sender's wallet.

Only accepts Hash Variable that points to the sender's encrypted stored seed value.


Wallet seed MUST be strictly secured at all times, and only viewable to the intended user. Do NOT key in the plain-text seed value here.

Anyone who possesses this seed has full unrestricted control and can do irreparable damage!

Destination Wallet AddressWallet classic address to send funds to. Hash Variable is also accepted.
Amount To Send (XRP)

Amount of XRP coin(s) to send.

Amount can only contain max 6 decimal places. Hash Variable is also accepted.

Store Response To Workflow Variable

Response Status

To indicate if this transaction is successful and validated.

Transaction Explorer URLTo store an auto-generated URL to see transaction details on the official XRPL explorer.

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