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Joget Enterprise license allows the administrator of Joget to manage users from the LDAP directory as well as the local Joget directory.

LDAP directory manager when configured counts both the internal users along with the LDAP users(When plugin is used). So,  an admin of the system should be cautious while trying to import the users from LDAP keeping in mind that the number of users does now exceed the license value

For Eg. If a Joget user license is for 100 users and the number of internal users=35. Then admin should configure the LDAP plugin such that the imported users do now exceed 65.

This can be monitored by using the fields such as

User Base DN and User Import Search Filter.

User Base DN is used primarily to import users from the Base DN and all the directories under that DN. User import search filter. 

User Import Search Filter can be used to filter out users based on the requirement. For instance, the filter can be used to filter out all the users in the DN who doesn't have the username